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Garzini Cavare Wallet - Vintage - (Sapphire Blue)

Garzini Cavare Wallet - Vintage - (Sapphire Blue)
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  • Brand: GARZINI
  • Model: MW-CS4-SBL

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Garzini Cavare Wallet - Vintage -  (Sapphire Blue) 

CAVARE VINTAGE The Garzini Cavare is the first wallet we created with a rubber band on the front and back. The cards in the two cases can be extracted thanks to an easy traction system. Thanks to the rubber bands, the Garzini Cavare stays really slim, so it fits perfectly in the front, back or in the shirt pocket! This magic wallet perfectly stores all cards, bills, banknotes and cardboard business cards! Features: • Country 12 cards • Made to store all international banknotes • Built-in RFID technology system • Dimensions: 7.5 x 10.8 x 0.9 cm • Handmade made of genuine leather