-Natural Fabrics-

It protects from the cold and is absorbent
The finer the weave, the more 'warm' you will feel it.
Collects if washed at inappropriate temperature Cotton Absorbent, elastic, abrasion resistant and ironing
In the first washes, the colored ones should be washed separately
Collects if washed at an inappropriate temperature

Cool and pleasant in texture, resistant to ironing
Only hand wash at low temperature without spinning
Wrinkles easily

-Synthetic Fabrics- Polyester - Rayon - Viscose - Nylon - Lycra
Durable to use, silky texture and color fastness
Sensitive to high temperature ζονται charged by static electricity
Wash in lukewarm water without squeezing to avoid deformation

Do not expose it to bright light
Do not expose it to heavy rain ~ let it dry at room temperature
Keep its shape by placing it on a special hanger or on the back of an armchair
Avoid wearing it when driving ~ it wears out due to friction with the seat