One of the most essential pieces of men's clothing in winter is of course sweaters. This warm garment is what you need to stay warm no matter how cold it is. Of course, in order to look stylish wearing knitwear, you need to see which are the appropriate ways to wear the sweater!

It's true that sweaters are very useful in winter dressing, so it's good to see how you can combine them properly. So discover what are the 5 ways to wear your sweater in winter!

How to wear your sweater to look stylish!
1. Layer with a shirt


γκρι πουλόβερ πουκάμισο

A sophisticated way to wear the sweater in winter is by layering, i.e. creating layers in your outfit. This practically means that you can wear the sweater with a shirt underneath. This way is what you need to make a warm outfit but also to escape from the basic way of dressing.

2. Wear a zip-up sweater


πουλόβερ φερμουάρ πουκάμισο τρόποι φορέσεις πουλόβερ

Zip-up sweaters are very popular if you want an alternative to classic sweaters. Of course, such sweaters can be worn plain, but if you want a more stylish result, prefer to wear it with a shirt inside. Your shirt can be plain or with a distinctive print, such as plaid.

3. Make a total black outfit- Stylish ways to wear the sweater


total black ανδρικό σύνολο

If you are looking for a sweater ensemble that is classic and a guaranteed hit then a total black outfit is the answer! So combine a black sweater with black pants and a black coat and your look will be imposing and timeless!

4. Pair a turtleneck sweater with a suit


ζιβάγκο γκρι κοστούμι

Turtleneck sweaters are also a very stylish and sophisticated choice that you can make to upgrade your image! And a perfect way to wear your turtleneck is with a suit! In this way you will have made the ultimate business casual ensemble!

5. Choose a textured sweater- Stylish ways to wear the sweater


πλεκτό ανάγλυγο

A popular choice in knitwear now are textured sweaters, for example cable sweaters. A sweater style like this is what you need to break away from the very ordinary but without taking a big risk! Let's say that such a knit usually has a richer weave and is warmer.