We all know how elegant a men's look with a tie is. However, it is often difficult to match the colors of the tie and the shirt correctly. Always keep in mind that the shirt should always be slightly lighter than the tie. So, below, The-Man will help you understand what are the best tie and shirt color combinations, so that you will never make a mistake in your choices!

How to color-match ties with shirts?

1. Ties with white shirts

shirt with striped tie

white shirt with tie

tie and shirt combinations

As you know, the white color is the easiest to combine, as it matches all shades. So whatever you choose will look good. You can choose either a tie with a bright color, or stripes, or even with a pattern. In any case, if you also wear a jacket, pay attention to the color you choose, so that it does not contrast too much and the colors match.

2. Tie with a pink shirt

tie color combinations with shirts

pink shirt with tie

how to combine the tie with the shirts

You probably already know this, but the most common and beautiful combination with a pink shirt is a purple tie. This is because the colors are similar, so they match perfectly together. In addition, a brown tie, even a striped one, will upgrade your look. Don't forget, however, that a blue tie will make such a contrast, that you will impress.

3. Tie with a light blue shirt

light blue shirt with red tie

light blue shirt with tie

tie and shirt combinations

Light blue shirts go incredibly well with a dark blue tie as they are similar shades. If you don't like this combination, you can try red shades, such as bright red or burgundy. In addition, don't hesitate to wear patterned, striped or polka-dotted ties, as they will look just as impressive.

4. Striped shirt with tie

how to combine striped shirt with tie

striped shirt with tie

striped shirt with tie

In this case, the safest option is to choose a monochromatic tie, such as black or blue. However, a subtle design would not be a bad choice if you combine them properly. Don't forget, however, that if you choose a patterned tie, it must be a different size than the shirt. Be that as it may, a men's outfit always looks stylish and impressive with right color combinations.

5. Black shirt with tie

shirt and tie combinations

black shirt with tie

It is no coincidence that many celebrities choose a black shirt for their formal appearances. Prefer colors, such as black or gray, so that it does not make too much of a contrast. Don't be afraid to wear a subtle design as well, as it will look just as stylish.