A SHIRT is much more than a pattern, a color and a cufflinks. Anyone who knows how to appreciate a good shirt, is able to know every detail. To do this, of course, requires familiarity with terms that to others sound foreign. Power is knowledge, however, and because in the case of a shirt, it is also a style, we have gathered for you all those ό strange terms that accompany such. The glossary of the shirt at your disposal!

Collar: The piece of fabric that folds enclosing the neck. It also has one or two buttons to close in case of using a tie or bow tie and optionally two more in the corners to contact the main part of the shirt.

Collar: Exactly the same as the collar.

Button / Buttonhole: We find them in the main part of the shirt (the buttons on the flap), in the sleeves at the height of the arm and in the cuff. For each button there is a buttonhole in addition to the cufflinks.

Sleeve: The part that starts from the shoulder and reaches to the wrist.

Cuff: The part that starts from the wrist, the "finish" of the sleeve.

Vanilla: An accessory that is placed on the back of the collar to keep its edges stretched.

Flap: The part of the fabric on which the buttons are located.

Plataki: The inner lining of the back of the shirt that can be seen from the open collar.

Foot: The height of the collar, from the neck to its upper point (where it folds).

Sewing: There are three types of sewing: plain, French and tile. The latter is preferred in most seams of the shirt as it ensures maximum durability over time. On the sleeves we find the French since it has a better sense of touch and is easier to iron.

Omitis: Exactly the same as the plate.