5 Ways to Fold the Sleeves of a Shirt!

Shirts for men are like dresses for women, in no case is there only one in their wardrobe. Especially in summer, they are one of the first choices, since their fabric is much cooler than blouses and they offer a unique and careful style, as they are always in fashion.

But many times, the sleeves of your shirt bother you when you just have them down. And how do you fold them now, that every time you try to do it you end up looking like a damask worker? There is no reason to stress.

There are 5 quite stylish and practical ways to fold them in a minute and have the perfect men's outfit!

How to fold the sleeves of your shirt step by step!


The classic style

The casual way to fold them is definitely known to almost all men. The process is very easy, as all you have to do is unbutton the sleeves and let them down, so that you can start folding them up just enough to cover the collar from your sleeve. Of course, you can repeat it as many times as you want, until it reaches the desired length.

Sleeve 3/4

The only difference here is that during the fold the sleeve should not reach up to the elbow or even higher. You should actually fold it just 1 to 2 times. This way is also ideal for Autumn when there is more coolness, but there are still very hot days.

The Navy style

This style has a more vintage look and is a very good choice for those who prefer the alternative and more Rock outfit. Also, due to the fact that it reaches the biceps, it is suitable for men who have trained arms or tattoos, who want to look.

The Master or Italian way

This method is widely known as Master Roll, but many call it Italian, as it is the most meticulous and impressive.

So if you want to dress like an Italian, all you have to do is fold your sleeve until it reaches the height of your elbow and then fold it up again, taking care not to cover the entire sleeve, but to let it protrude. about 1/3 of the folded piece you had in the first step.

The Vintage way


Another vintage look is here. David Beckham was the one who brought it up to date again and it certainly is that you can do it easier, since you will not even have to roll up your sleeves, as you should in all other ways.

All you have to do is secure the top of your sleeve, either with a rubber band or with the special thin and elastic armbands that you can find in menswear stores.

Finally, after putting on the armband, you should pull the upper part of your sleeve, so that a fabric is gathered to fold it down and cover the armband.